Assessment and Accountability

Assessment and Accountability coordinates State, Federal and District mandated assessments, and facilitates support for the individual needs of teachers and students.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining student records
  • Data security
  • Maintaining assessment data
  • Submitting accurate student demographics to testing vendors
  • Ensuring District compliance of testing regulations
  • Data collection and dissemination to appropriate parties
  • Compliance of Federal and State mandated reporting
  • Technical assistance in the development of School Improvement Plans
  • Facilitation for the development of the District Improvement Plan

The Annual Report Card to the Public:

  • Report Card data follows the Alaska Department of Early Education and Development template and:
  • Assesses how well NSBSD students meet the State’s Performance Standards;
  • Provides a comparison to the rest of the students in Alaska;
  • Supports instruction in NSBSD classrooms; and
  • Guides school improvement plans.

State Assessments:

 Alaska Department of Education & Early Development: